About Us

We love cars and the convenience they bring to our lives. What isn’t so great is how difficult and costly it can be to sell one when you’re ready to move on.

We believe technology and greater transparency in the selling process can make a big impact on the enjoyment of your last miles of ownership.

With Goodbye.car, your inspected car or truck is presented to a national network of automotive dealers so you can easily sell it for it’s fair market price – right from home.

Our role at Goodbye.car is to connect sellers and buyers in the most efficient manner. We are paid a single, flat fee regardless of a car’s condition or price. We are not an auto dealer.

All inspections are performed independently by a nationally recognized third party inspection company – never by us. Similarly, the used vehicle market determines the competitive price of your car – not us.

Goodbye.car is the easiest and safest way to know you got the most for your car